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It’s time to reclaim your power & rise above the noise by joining our monthly membership for witches. The world is waiting for your brand of magic. Are you ready?


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A Witch is Someone That…

✨ Wants to connect with their ancestors

✨ Believes in multiple dimensions 

✨ Is a powerful manifestor

✨ Doesn’t often “fit in” to mainstream culture 

✨ Feels a special connection to the rhythms of nature 

✨ Absorbs the room’s energy when they walk in 

✨ Protects their energy and boundaries like nobody’s business

Why Now?

⚡ You want to boldly reclaim the word “Witch” and proudly reinvent yourself

⚡ You deserve space regardless of your race, gender, class, ability, or sexual orientation

⚡ You want to manifest a more vibrant and aligned future

⚡ You believe in climate change and want to actively restore the Earth

⚡ You want to lean into your intuitive powers and trust your gut

⚡ You want to take a stand against the patriarchy

⚡ You seek a community of other like-minded witches

Repeat after me, with the power of three:

Claim Your Witch

Claim Your Power

Claim Your Calling

Now imagine this amplified.

How do we Waken the Witch?

? Integrate the natural cycles of the Earth and Moon with our mind, body, and spirit

? Align our intentions with our actions so we can show up in our full power

? Expand our esoteric knowledge and add to our spiritual wellness toolkit that we can tap into, wherever we are

? Add magic into our routines by transforming them into rituals that invoke deeper connection and purpose

A Coven is…

a group of witches who aren’t afraid to slay the game by playing by their own rules. They explore their passions and define their own brand of magic. They heighten their powers by the moon all while inserting magic into the mundane “reality” we call Earth. We wear black as a staple because it goes well with EVERY color. We are here to make a statement while uplifting each other to boldly live our most authentic lives.

This is the Journey

And it’s only just beginning. Here’s where we start:


✨ Intention Infused Planner + Prompts

✨ Daily Rituals like:
 Picking Your Card of the Day

✨ Open discussion and focused conversation in the private community

✨ Access to the private course portal


Planner Check-Ins

Weekly Rituals like:

1. Manifesting Mondays

2. Witchy Wednesdays

3. Share Your Skills Saturdays


Event Calendar

New Moon Ritual

Special Guest Workshop by a Leader in the Spiritual Wellness Space

Full Moon Virtual Meetup


Surprises mailed to your doorstep

Small but *impactful* gifts from us to you!


✨ Welcome Gift (over $150 value)

✨ 1-1 Personal Tarot Reading with Grace *limited spots available


2021 Monthly Themes

Every month we embody a theme that becomes our incantation,
acting as a spell-binding container for our membership

























✨ Monthly planner with inspiring prompts, gratitude, and journaling


✨ Private Community Space

✨ Private Course Portal

✨ Curated Calendar for Monthly Events

✨ Monthly Zodiac Lessons

✨ Monthly New Moon Ritual

✨ Monthly Full Moon Virtual Meetup

✨ Special Guest Workshop by a Leader in the Spiritual Wellness Space

✨ Weekly Rituals with the Coven including Manifesting Mondays, Witchy Wednesdays, and Share Your Skills Saturday


✨ Full Access to the $399 Intuitive Tarot Course *Seasonal & Annual membership only

✨ Seasonal Supplies mailed to you mid-season *Seasonal & Annual membership only

✨ Welcome Gift (over $150 value) Mailed to you! *Annual membership only

✨ A 30 minute personal Tarot Reading with Grace *Annual membership only, limited spots available

Peek Inside the Mystic Mondays Coven







The Mystic Mondays Coven has absolutely been one of the best investments in myself I have made. At first I was intimidated because I was an absolute beginner. But the way Grace Duong structures the lessons is not only easy to understand but empowering! And the community is so impactful. The support I have felt in this community has been such an unexpected blessing. I have recommended the Mystic Mondays Coven to any of my friends who are interested in expanding their tarot practice.


Student, Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course

A beautiful experience into some kind of synchronicity made me cross paths online with the unique Mystic Mondays, and I fully jumped at the suggestion that I join the tarot course. On the platform and with the deep and rich content of the Workshops, I had the opportunity to be a part of this community where a super interesting group of people develops and discusses the same themes I am into lately. We learn together and support each other through the awesome space Grace Duong created for us. What a soulful artist!!! A true visual and mystical experience for all levels. From beginners to those advanced in magical self-discovery. And I’m so in love with the Tarot deck, too!! Don’t hesitate to explore and join!


Student, Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course

Allow your intuitive powers to blossom with the Mystic Monday’s Intuitive Tarot Course! ✨?. As a novice, I was a little nervous at first. Before it started, I had 1 Tarot deck, little knowledge of the cards (besides what my booklet told me), and an inconsistent practice. I thought I’d be way behind everyone else’s skill-level, but I soon learned there was no reason to feel afraid. We had such a diverse group of supportive intuitives from all levels of experience (and all around the world!). Reminder: everyone is a beginner at one point ?

The lessons are perfectly structured and the material easy to understand. And though it’s an 8-week course, you have lifetime access, so it’s comforting to know you can go at your own pace. There’s no need to feel discouraged if you’re behind the material.

One of my favorite aspects of the course is the tarot worksheets. After each video lesson on a particular card, I’d grab my worksheet and reflect on any thoughts, emotions, or experiences that came up for me. Naturally, this powerful process allowed me to not only form a deeper connection with the cards but also with myself! It helped me recognize some limiting self-beliefs and negative thought-patterns that I could thereafter let go of with love and grace.

I was also part of the Mystic Mondays Coven, which I absolutely recommend! Our lovely Instructor & Creator Grace, as well as my classmates, were nothing less than loving, attentive, & supportive along my journey. I believe that a nurturing community is so essential in fostering learning, and it was just that. It’s a safe space where you can be vulnerable, sharing anything from your “Card Of The Day” to a recent life situation that you could use some guidance on!

Overall, the course is an amazing opportunity which I recommend to anyone looking to deepen their Tarot practice. Unveil the Magic that’s within!


Student, Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course

Mystic Monday’s was the first Tarot deck that I actually purchased. The ones I owned prior were gifts. I loved the beautiful artwork and began following them and subscribed to their emails. When I learned there was a tarot class being offered I knew immediately that I had to be a part of it. I was a little worried about the price at first, but I decided if doctors spend money on medical school to become better physicians, I should not think twice about investing to become a better tarot reader for my tarot clients. So, I did it, and it was the best money spent in 2020. The way the lessons are set up makes it easy to follow and take notes. The best part are the exercises to create your own cards! I would definitely recommend this course. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!!


Student, Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course

This tarot course is amazing! Before this I had never even done a tarot reading with another person before, but everyone in the course has been really welcoming even to a beginner like me! I learned so much and it was so great to be able to connect with a supportive group. I felt like I found the community I was looking for.

Grace is an amazing teacher, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. She was there every step of the way provide feedback, guidance, and encouragement. The course content is also so thoughtfully organized, with many insightful prompts. It really helped me to connect with the cards in a new way, and I was inspired to create my own tarot illustrations, too!

Overall it has been such a wonderful experience that I am truly grateful to have been a part of. Thank you again, Grace!


Student, Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course

A Witchy Warranty

If you don’t completely love this membership within the first 15 days, you will receive a full refund for that month. We put forth the absolute best and are determined to bring you a grounded yet connected experience.

Hey! I’m Grace

I am the founder, artist, & author of Mystic Mondays on a mission to empower you to listen to your own intuition. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for quite awhile, experiencing both highs and lows that have both transformed and humbled me. When this all started, my natural inclination was to withdraw, to go within on my Hermit journey, and figure out WTF was going on with me! This is typically referred to as the “Dark Night of Your Soul,” the beginning of awakening to your soul evolution. However, it wasn’t until I started to surround myself with like-minded people who were also into Tarot cards, Reiki, deep and meaningful conversations, getting lost in Astrology, keeping track of transits, comparing Human Design notes, that I noticed a shift in myself. I started to let myself be seen, to be held in this transition of my former identity as I leapt headfirst into my new one. Change is scary, and to be completely honest, awakenings are often tumultuous! My conditioning of having to have it all figured out, that vulnerability was a weakness, that I didn’t need anyone’s help, kept me isolated for a very long time. Opening myself up to communities and groups healed my wounds of belonging, that I matter, and that I deserve space to be seen, heard, and felt.

No matter what level of your soul evolution you are on, you do not have to do it alone. You deserve space to be seen, heard, and felt too. Plus, it’s more fun to have friends along the way! Spoiler alert: the journey never ends and there is no destination – it is continuous and long, but often worth it.

I have hosted workshops & events in




over $1,250 value

*with Annual plan

Full Access to
Bonus Workshops
on Demand

✨ Manifestation Mondays: Your Roadmap to Abundance

✨ Intro to the Fool’s Journey

✨ How to Build Your Spiritual Business

✨ Rituals & Practices in Creativity

✨ New Moon Development with Tarot

*Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Plans


Full Access to the
$399 Mystic Mondays
Intuitive Tarot Course

Complete access to the Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course, taught by the founder Grace Duong, comes With your subscription to Awaken the Witch. Hopefully, this tool allows you to engage in a fulfilling, enlightening tarot practice.

*Seasonal & Annual Plan only


Personal 1-1
Tarot Reading with
Grace Duong

Let’s talk about you. What’s on your mind? Grace will guide you through a 1-1 meditation and tarot card reading to answer any questions you have that can uncover any blocks that you are currently experiencing. See reviews here.

*Annual Plan only, limited spots available

Seasonal Supplies

Every season, you will receive a small but *impactful* surprise in the mail, designed to Waken the Witch, claim your power, and add to your modern mystic collection. These will be mailed every mid-season!

*Seasonal & Annual Plan only



You’ve got questions.
We’ve got answers.

Can I join the coven if I don't identify as a "witch"?
Yes! While we may use the word “witch” and have members that self-identify as “witches,” everyone can benefit from the esoteric practices we’ll be learning together.
If I join, how long will I have access to the course materials?

All worksheets are released on a monthly basis and are yours forever! Course materials like workshops will be hosted on our private portal and you will have access as long as your membership is in place.

Can I gift a membership to a friend or family member?
Of course! You may use your own credit card to send a friend or family member a membership as a gift – just make sure that the other information (name, email, address, etc.) is theirs.

Here are the gift purchase links:

Does joining Waken the Witch automatically mean that my profile is public?
Nope! Our Privacy Settings allow you to control what other members do and do not see. However, if you comment on others’ posts, your profile name will be public.
If I want to, can I quit my membership at any time?

We strive to bring true value into your life and put our best efforts to bring you an experience that is interactive, fun, deep, and worthy. However, if you find this is not the right fit for you, don’t sweat it. Full refunds are offered for any membership plan within the first 15 days. If your membership surpasses that time period, refunds will no longer be available. for the plan that you have purchased.

Can I afford this?

Take a moment and really think about your spiritual well-being. Do you value the spiritual alignment, manifested intentions, and mystical experiences that you’ll gain through joining our coven? By investing in this membership, you’re investing in yourself – reclaiming your power,  defining your magic, and gaining tools that have the potential to reshape your life for years to come. If money is a concern, ask yourself what the deeper question is. Do you believe in your ability to make more money? We can help you define this inside the Coven. Money flows where attention goes, and you are worthy of investing in yourself.

Are you ready to Waken the Witch?

It’s time for you to claim your power, amplify your brand of magic, and expand your esoteric practices. And guess what – you do not have to do this alone. Ride the wave of the New Age with community and navigate these challenges, no matter how small or large, together. Because, the more inner work you do, the more you will be able to show up in the world as your most empowered and authentic self. If you’re ready to go all in, invest in your well being while having fun in the process, and ALLOW yourself to be seen, you are in the right place. Are you ready?

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